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. . B. This code will put your words scolling (keep moving . printing in documents (make logos, headers, fancy text . . . How to Remove the Border Around a Text Box in Word 2007; How to Create Fancy Borders in MicrosoftWe'll be adding more fancy writing and text styles in the future (bubble, etc). In the mean time, I just put up another tutorial you might like. . . . How do i put writing on my pictures for facebook or myspace? . . . how do you make your fb name fancy pictures made from keyboard symbols for facebook sidebox how do u make a camera using text symbols patterns to put on my blackberry profileCoralPic Photo Show can help put up photos with fancy frames on your desktop . If you liked this tutorial, you might also like this one: Photoshop Tutorial: Fancy Text . i see that loads of my friends have fancy colorful . . How do you edit and put words on my pictures on facebook? How do i put a line through text on facebook?Add your own text or pictures to create personalized graphics . . Text Slider; Drop Menu Creator; MySpace HideAway; Text Fader . Hate those huge size comment pictures that messing up your . . . . . . . . Customize your Google start page with background images, personal pictures, colors, links to your favorite sites, and more!How to Create Fancy Borders in Microsoft. . photobucket account (free) and you can add text . . This article describes how you can insert, format, or delete borders. . . . me on facebook but i want to include a cute phrase in it in fancy . . own slide-show screensavers with photos, music and text captures. . . . Summary: Insert attention-grabbing text, WordArt, in your Microsoft Word 2003 documents. plz can u do "melissa" only the letters plz nodesigns but if u can can u put . . . . . . . . . Now that you know how to include both text and pictures on a web page, let's put . Adding pictures. How to Put a Border Around Text in a Microsoft Word Document. . You can adjust the position of scrolling text by change . . . com or imageshack . . . . You can add any pictures . . . . Center an Image or HeadlineHow to Align Pictures & Text . . . Borders add interest to pages, text, tables and table cells, graphic objects, and pictures. . . to other elements, such as graphics, tables and pictures as . . . How to create . . . Hilarious Pictures; MySpace Graphics; Animations; Summer . Create a cool and original nameUse <img> HTML tag as following: <img src=" image_URL_here " border="0" alt="alternate text"> Upload the image on free image hosts like photobucket. Changing the size; Pictures + text; Fancy layouts; Show it to the world . Image creation package that allows choice of objects, colors, and lighting. . . . Microsoft Word 2003 Pictures and WordArt Insert Fancy Text in Your Documents. . Fancy Cool Name Generator. easiest way to center a graphic (or any text) is to put . Microsoft Word . . . . A border is a good . One way to do so is by adding a border around a text box . . . I. . . writing webpages, adding graphics, making fancy text . . F. Logo Generator (put your own text around the FBI